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A statement by Acino International AG and its subsidiaries

Acino is delighted with your interest and we welcome you to our website.

The protection of your privacy is extremely important to us. Please be assured that we comply with all legal requirements in this regard.

The following Acino privacy statement explains how Acino collects, manages and uses personal information on the Internet. This privacy policy only relates to data generated by and within the control of Acino, i.e. Internet pages with a direct hyperlink to this privacy statement on the website. Our policy does not apply to information stemming from other sources.

When using this website, you are taken to agree with the collection, registration and use of information according to this privacy policy. In addition, you agree that Acino may change this privacy policy without prior notice and at its own discretion. Acino aims to publish all changes on this page so as to keep you fully informed about the kind of personal data collected, how the data is used and under what circumstances the Company discloses information.

1. Data collection

Each time you visit the Acino website, general information is gathered automatically and information such as the name of your Internet Provider, your visiting website address, a history of the Acino pages that interest you and your IP address may be stored.

This information is analyzed anonymously and is used to improve our website’s attractiveness, content and functionality for your convenience.

2. Guaranteed privacy and privacy protection

For the purposes of the Acino Privacy Policy, the term “personal data” may include details such as one’s name, date of birth, e-mail address, street address, and telephone numbers. In other words this is data that could be used to identify a person. As a rule, Acino does not record personal data without the express consent of the person concerned. However, in exceptional cases, Acino reserves the right to collect additional data within the limits and requirements of the law. The following paragraphs explain how and when Acino collects and records personal data.

3. Intended use of personal data

Country-specific pharmaceuticals laws require that certain information be restricted to qualified professionals only. As a result, to be granted registration for access to the password protected areas of the website requires disclosure of personal data, such as one’s first name, family name, address, e-mail address and additional data which may be disclosed voluntarily. Such data can be viewed, changed and deleted by a registered website user at any time. We only collect data provided by the user voluntarily. This data will not be relayed to third parties for commercial use but will only be used to improve our service to you, or be used to contact you. Every user can revoke the future use of personal data at any time.

Acino stores personal data according to applicable legal requirements and to the highest ethical reporting and documentation standards.

4. Secrecy of personal data

Acino will not sell, transfer or distribute personal data to third parties, except in specific cases described within this privacy statement.

5. Right of access, update and the right to revoke data

If a user discloses personal data on the Acino website upon request, this user has an unlimited right to access, edit, and revoke this data. In addition, the user can prohibit Acino from contacting him or her. Users wishing to contact Acino in relation to the use of personal data are asked to e-mail Acino at info[at] Acino will require the name of the website where the data has been registered, as well as detail of the specific data to be updated or revoked. Acino will treat such requests accurately and promptly. Requests to revoke personal data will be executed in accordance with all applicable legal and ethical requirements for documentation handling and archiving.

6. Security and confidentiality

To ensure confidentiality and the security of personal data, recorded online by Acino, Acino uses leading-edge data networks including state-of-the-art firewalls and password protection. Although Acino cannot absolutely guarantee that data will never be lost, misused or changed, all efforts are made to ensure that this is never the case.

7. Transfer of data to foreign countries

Acino maintains data bases in different jurisdictions. Acino may transfer personal data to data bases in a country other than the country of residence of the person concerned. Even if personal data is transferred to countries that do not mandate compliance with international privacy standards, Acino strives to ensure that the transmission of personal data to such countries is absolutely secure.

8. Anonymous data, “cookies” and “tags”

Acino may record anonymous data about visiting patterns on its websites covering the pages visited or the searches performed. A visit may lead to information in the form of cookies being stored on your computer. The Acino cookies generated will only register details of a user’s Internet Provider (IP) as well as the date and hour of the visit. The cookies generated by Acino are not used to disclose a person’s identity. A cookie is simply a tag, which is sent to browsers and saved on a user’s hard drive to make it quicker and easier to revisit a specific site after interruption. Cookies do not harm computers. However, users may prefer to configure their browsers to issue a permission request before any cookie can be installed. Acino may use the services of third parties to collect and process the information described in this paragraph. Such third party services are subject to the same obligations as described above in chapter 4, “Secrecy of personal data”.

Acino ensures that no information is collected or embedded in tags or cookies that could in any way identify individual users by revealing a name, address, e-mail address or even telephone numbers for example.

9. Personal information and children

Acino will not knowingly record, use or make available to third parties, the personal data of children under the age of 13 years, without the direct consent of a parent or legal guardian. Acino will disclose all details to the legal representative of the child. The representative will have the right and the opportunity to update and revoke the personal data of the child at any time. Acino complies with the legal requirement to protect children.

10. Links to other pages

The present privacy statement is only applicable to Acino websites and explicitly excludes third party websites. Acino may link to third party websites of interest and relevance to users at its discretion. Acino strives to ensure that linked pages and sites meet the highest standards. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet, Acino cannot take responsibility for the privacy provisions and the content of linked websites. To repeat, this privacy policy does not cover linked websites.

11. Contact Acino

Acino strives to improve its technical environment for the processing of data entrusted to the Company constantly. As this privacy page is regularly updated, we recommend that users re-visit it from time to time.

You may have a question or even a complaint regarding the privacy protection and the collection of data on Acino websites. Or you may have concerns about compliance with legal principles. For any of these concerns, or if you would simply like to offer comments or suggestions about the Acino privacy policy, please contact Acino Pharma (Pty) Ltd as follows:
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